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Diabetic Screening (available at the Huntingdon practice only).

The practice has two optometrists (Sheila Urquhart and Sally Bushby) who have been accredited by Hinchingbrooke Hospital to carry out diabetic retinopathy screening.  People who suffer from diabetes, either insulin dependent or diet controlled, are at risk of developing complications that can affect their sight and the health of their eyes.  Screening for signs of diabetic eye disease should be carried out on a yearly basis, or more frequently where appropriate.  The screening involves using eye drops to widen the pupils and then taking a photograph of the back of the eyes.  The optometrist is then able to examine the photograph and decide if there are any changes or complications that need further investigation.  Traditionally this has been carried out in the Hospital eye department, however with the appropriate equipment and accreditation this can now be carried out within our Huntingdon practice.

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